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You had me at "fuck". This is great, really great, and makes me really glad I bothered to check the Audio Portal today.

I agree that it gets a little too screamy at the end, especially during that part that ManiacalGrunt mentioned already. Otherwise, the recording quality is great, and it has a slight unpolished feel to it that I really like. The reggae interlude was really unexpected! Different.

Hope to see you guys on tour sometime. Hey, by the way, there are countries south of the US and Canada that like live music, too. Just saying. :)

Simple, but awesome.

So. Damn. Catchy.

Deathzone posted a flash with the beginning of this song in it, so I came to check it out. This is really catchy... it'll be stuck in my head for days. I like the harmonies a lot... you've got some talent. Hope to hear more of your stuff soon.

10'd, 5'd, fave'd, and she has a boyfriend'd.

shoester responds:

You are awesome'd. Thank you'd!

Really nice.

Wow, I really like this one. You described it as uplifting and refreshing, and I would definitely call it both. It's relaxing, too, in a not-boring type of way. Definitely reminiscent of spring's building warmth throughout the song.

Faved and downloaded.


Dude, this is awesome! This is a great song to begin with, but you managed to *completely* turn it around and make it ten times better. It's got a totally different flavour now, and much more energy than the original. I love it.

5'd, 10'd, downloaded and going on a CD to put in my car. Excellent work!

Nice work.

I like this track. It's got an odd, dissonant feel to parts of it that I really liked. Kind of a creepy vibe around it. I might use this -- or a portion of it -- in a halloween film, if you don't mind.

Interesting fact: my cat, who is usually not one for music, has wrapped himself around the speaker and is purring like mad. I stopped the song and he got pissed and started meowing. You have apparently found the secret to making my cat happy.

Looking forward to checking out the rest of your work. :)

Rucklo responds:

Wow, that cat sounds like he´s quite twisted man... :D

Please go ahead and use the song in your halloween film, i take it it´s a flash? PM me when it´s done then!!! :)

Enjoy the rest of my work then, and good luck with yours :D


I love it! I've been looking forward to this since you told me you'd be submitting something for Clock Day. Sounds great... it's got a good beat to it and a fresh, crisp sound that I really enjoy. Great quality.

An easy five for your Clock Day submission. :)


Well, okay, you tried, but honestly, this is one of the less imaginative tracks I've heard on the audio portal. There's really nothing exciting here; it's mostly just a drum track with the "big bag" tagline repeated many times over it. The little bit of music that was added felt tedious and dull. I wasn't impressed with the overall *feel* of this song.

For a first submission, I suppose it's not terrible, but I'm sure you can do better than this. Some more original music, som interesting effects, or some variety in the beats would help this a lot.

A Newgrounds classic.

To me, nothing says "fight scene" more than this track. I've heard this one many, many times in submissions on the Flash portal, but this is my first time listening to it all the way through on the Audio portal. I like it... there are a lot of diverse bits that I hadn't heard before because I only ever heard sections of it. It's cool and energetic and continues that energy level throughout the piece.

Excellent work!

Part two? Or a different song?

This was an interesting reversal; this part was nothing like the first. If these tracks were back to back on a CD, it would make sense to run the one track into the other like you did here at the beginning, but since Newgrounds is set up to go track by track, I think it would have made more sense to leave out the intro part and just let this stand alone.

That said, it's difficult to say whether I liked this one more or less than the other; it's so completely different from the first that I can't really categorize them together, nor would I normally listen to them back to back, honestly.

That's not to say I didn't enjoy this unique, peaceful trace; it just didn't really fit the other part in my opinion. But it's good work, nonetheless.

Love-Hate-War responds:

Ah, i just wanted a change from the first part, i was in an experimental kinda mood :P Thanks for the words! Sorry i couldnt put them back to back, by the compression needed for that severly comprimised the audio quality.

Nice, but quality could be better.

I liked the music and the style a lot; kind of an old-school metal meets thrash sound. The compression kind of threw me off a little bit; I know it's a long song and you had to do that to get it to fit, but it was still a bit annoying. The vocals were just a little off key in places, but nothing too bad. For the most part, I really enjoyed this.

Love-Hate-War responds:

Thanks alot man! Sorry about the compression :P




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