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2009-08-15 18:51:59 by Omgee

I am celebrating Clock Day by continuing -- for the third year in a row -- my tradition of making nothing.

Happy Clock Day. And LOL at anyone who thinks they're getting blam points today.


2008-12-21 16:09:09 by Omgee


(Yes, I expect an answer.)

Clock Day?!

2008-08-15 20:31:06 by Omgee

Oops, I forgot to make a crappy flash. Bet everyone's highly disappointed.

OK, actually, I didn't forget, but I've been in Mexico doing study abroad (well, as "abroad" as Mexico can be, considering I live in the US) all summer, and haven't had time to make even the crappiest of crap. So, instead, I'm posting a crappy post on my profile, just like I did last year. It's a new tradition, or something.

The sad thing is, this post journal blog entry thing probably took longer to write than most of the entries from today took to make.

Anyway. Didn't spend a lot of time BPing this year, either, although I was able to get online from school for a little bit here and there and check out a few posts. I had thought about taking the whole day off and sitting at an internet cafe watching Clock movies all day, but I decided I'd rather spend my time in Mexico doing something else, instead of trying to catch every decent movie on NG today. But, hey, if you posted something worthwhile, comment and link me and I'll watch and review when I get a minute.

OK, happeh klawx dey. Enjoy it. <3

Happy Clock Day!

2007-08-15 05:34:12 by Omgee

Happy Clock Day, everyone.

I made EGSC today, too. Appropriate!